Meet the Students

When you sponsor one of our young adults, you would be making an incredible difference to their life by giving them the opportunity to be closely discipled, educated and equipped to lead a life filled with purpose.

We are currently supporting 4 amazing young adults. Please click on their profiles below to find out more.

If you would like to sponsor a student, £30/$40 (KES 4,500) per month is suggested. 5 sponsors giving this amount would ensure a student is fully sponsorsed. However, any amount of sponsorship would go a really long way and you are free to choose how much to give!

Due to our programme being so comprehensive (covering every expense our students have for 4-5 years) it is a very expensive programme. Our current estimates suggest it will cost about KES 1.5 million (£10,000 / $13,500) per student to complete the programme. Without our programme being so comprehensive in costs-covering, our students would simply not be able to attend university at all.

As a result of these high costs, the majority of our students will be sponsored by more than one person. We love the African saying, ‘It takes a village to raise a child’, and this is truly what we believe groups of sponsors would be. You would be creating a village of support for them – not just financially but also emotionally, spiritually and practically.

If you would like further information on how sponsorship works, please Contact Us here.

2021 Intake - First Intake

By sponsoring one of our young adults you will be giving them the opportunity to be closely discipled by our loving team, to access university tuition fees and living costs funding, recieive mentoring, life skills and employment skills training, as well as internship and personal project opportunities.

We ensure you hear from your sponsored student at least once per university semester (3 times per year), although there is opportunity for more frequent communications if you would like.

Please see our FAQs for more information.

Future Intakes

Although we are currently supporting 4 amazing young adults, we would love to support even more young adults. Regular support/donations towards future students would give us the ability to run another intake and therefore impact even more lives. Please get in touch if this would interest you here.


“We aim to equip, empower and encourage our students to reach their full potential.”