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Future Facility

Our plan is to reach out to many more orphaned young people, to equip them for the job market, and to do more to break generational cycles of poverty.


In light of this, we are working towards having a more permanent base for New Routes - complete with offices, teaching rooms, and accommodation for beneficiaries and staff. This facility will not only allow us to deepen our engagement with our students, but will also be a home for them.


Our plan is bigger than that though. We want to build a multi-purpose facility that will create direct employment opportunities for orphaned young people. Our employees will run a fully equipped library, cyber, café, sports facilities, shops, and lecture rooms. As a bonus, it will help New Routes to become more self-sustainable since it will be an income-generating project.

multipurpose plan.JPG

Architectural plan for the facility

To donate to our Future Facility, please press the Donate button below, and choose 'Multipurpose Facility' in the Designation box

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