What work does New Routes Foundation do?
We support orphaned young adults throughout university or college. We provide mentoring, life skills courses, employment skills courses, university tuition and living costs sponsorship as well as opportunities to partake in internships and personal projects. Find out more about us here.

Why do you only work with a relatively small number of students?
Our aim is for our students to attain employment, self-sufficiency and spiritual growth. To make this happen, we want to invest our undivided time and energy into each student, equipping them with everything they may need to be successful, and giving them the best opportunities we can.

Who are your students?
Our students are orphans between the ages of 17-21 who have just completed their last year of school and live in Elgeyo-Marakwet county, Kenya. Each of our students also come from situations of severe financial hardship and circumstances that make them vulnerable individuals. We have 4 students: 2 males (Dennis and Gideon) and 2 females (Abigael and Ruth). 
Please meet our students here.

How do you select your students?
We have a comprehensive selection procedure which involves thorough vetting of potential beneficiaries and their relatives:

  1. We start with the schools in our area, inviting any students who meet our minimum criteria (e.g. orphaned, vulnerable and financially needy) to apply to join our programme. 
  2. We then shortlist candidates based on the strength of their written applications and invite those shortlisted candidates to interview. 
  3. After interviews, candidates are again shortlisted for home visits. 
  4. During home visits, we interview any relatives/guardians and carry out further assessments at these students' homes. 
  5. We also have specific procedures for authentication of information disclosed to us during the application phase.
  6. Our procedures typically involve our ground staff and Board of Directors engaging with teachers, headteachers, local area chiefs, church pastors/religious leaders, relatives/guardians, and of course, the student. 

How can I sponsor a student?
For regular sponsorship, please click here. Please fill out the contact form and we will contact you to discuss your sponsorship options. Or, to make a one-off donation, please click here.

How will I know that you have received my money?
We will always send you an email to confirm receipt of your donation, confirming the amount and any conditions attached to it, e.g. restriction to a particular beneficiary.

How often will I hear from my sponsored student?
We will aim to ensure you hear from your sponsored student at least once per university semester (3 times per year), although there is opportunity for more frequent communications if you would like to. The level of communication with a student depends both on how often you, as the sponsor, would like to reach out to the student, as well as the academic demands placed on the student at any given time (e.g. communications are reduced leading up to and during exams).

Can I write to my student?
You can write to your sponsor student as much as you like! In fact, we really urge you to as it can bring so much encouragement and motivation to your sponsor student. Above all, letters from you will make your student feel very loved.

Can I visit my sponsored student?
Yes, we would be delighted if you wanted to visit your sponsored student. Please get in touch if you would like more information about potentially doing so. Contact us here.

I have some potential internship opportunities for your students, who do I contact?
Internship opportunities are a great need of New Routes Foundation and carry the potential to have a massive impact on the lives of our students. Please contact us here so that we can discuss this with you further.

What can I do to fundraise for you?
We are always looking for volunteers to fundraise with us. There are many ways you could fundraise for us and we’d be grateful for any help. Please visit our Fundraising For Us page here for more information.

Are there materials to help me fundraise for you?
We are able to give you access to things like our logos for you to use during your fundraising. These could be used for things like flyers, t-shirts, posters and memorabilia. Please see our Resources page for some basic resources – and for anything else, please get in touch with us here.

“Our aim is for our students to attain employment, self-sufficiency and spiritual growth.”