We run three extra-curricular courses in which we teach employment skills and life skills. These courses will be taught between the students ending secondary school and starting university or college (between 3 to 6 months), as well as re-visiting these topics throughout the entire programme to ensure complete understanding and practice. 

These courses are designed to thoroughly prepare our students for life after university, and include: 

Financial Management

Our Financial Management course aims to increase our students' understanding of banks, budgeting effectively, and how to be wise in making financial decisions. 

Our course topics include: 

  • Stewardship & Wisdom with Money
  • Budgeting, Tithing & Tax
  • Financial Goals (short-term, long-term and emergency saving) 
  • Pressures, Expenses & Maintaining a Budget
  • Credit & Debt
  • Banking Services
  • Interactive Day - students given budgeting scenarios and visit a bank to open an account.

Soft Skills

Our Soft Skills course aims to teach and equip our students in 'employability' skills that will assist them in obtaining jobs after they complete university or college. 

Our course topics include: 

  • CV Writing
  • Cover Letter Writing
  • Interview Skills
  • Presentation Skills
  • Problem-Solving & Teamwork Skills
  • Timekeeping & Self-Management Skills
  • Interactive Day: Skills Assessment

Health & Well-Being

Our Health and Well-Being course equips our students to look after themselves and others in a practical way. Our aim is that our students will be healthy while eating and exercising at university, which will help prevent them from becoming ill and give them a more balanced life. We also aim for our studetns to be equipped and respond to any first aid emergencies to help preserve their own lives or those of others. 

Our course topics include: 

  • Emergency First Aid (a certification earned through St John's Ambulance)
  • Types & Roles of Nutrients
  • Managing Nutrient Demand
  • Exercise, Routine & Mental Health
  • Interactive Day: Nutritious Recipes Cooking Day