Our courses are designed to thoroughly prepare our students for life during and after university.

Financial Management

Our Financial Management course aims to increase our students' understanding of money, how it should be managed, and how to be wise in making financial decisions. 

Our course topics include: 

  • Stewardship & Wisdom with Money
  • Budgeting, Tithing & Tax
  • Financial Goals (short-term, long-term and emergency saving) 
  • Pressures, Expenses & Maintaining a Budget
  • Credit & Debt
  • Banking Services
  • Interactive Day - students given budgeting scenarios and visit a bank to open an account.

'The Financial Management course taught me how to spend within my monthly budget.' (Dennis)

Soft Skills

Our Soft Skills course aims to equip our students with 'employability' skills that will assist them in obtaining jobs after they complete university. 

Our course topics include: 

  • CV Writing
  • Cover Letter Writing
  • Interview Skills
  • Presentation Skills
  • Problem-Solving & Teamwork Skills
  • Timekeeping & Self-Management Skills
  • Interactive Day: Skills Assessment

'I am able to do any type of presentation with confidence.' (Abigael)

'I can now write a cover letter and a CV accurately.' (Ruth)

Computer Skills

Each of our students are gifted with a laptop just before they head off to universty. Our Computer Skills course teaches our students (most of whom would previously not know how to use a computer) all the basics of computers and some of the important applications for them to use during their studies.

Our course topics include:

  • Introduction to Computer Hardware & Software
  • Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint & Outlook
  • Using Internet Browsers
  • Online Safety & Cyber Security
  • Troubleshooting

'I’m now proficient with Microsoft Office, especially Excel, which I need for my Accounting degree.' (Gideon)

Health & Well-Being

Our Health and Well-Being course equips our students to look after themselves and others in a practical way.

Our course topics include: 

  • Emergency First Aid (a certification earned through St John's Ambulance)
  • Types & Roles of Nutrients
  • Managing Nutrient Demand
  • Exercise, Routine & Mental Health
  • Interactive Day: Nutritious Recipes Cooking Day

'I can now take care of myself more and utilize my time better.' (Abigael)

'I can cook nutritious meals in university thanks to the Health & Well-Being course.' (Dennis)